BioUML Genome Browser

Tagir Valeev, Ivan Yevshin, Fedor Kolpakov

DOI: 10.12704/vb/e8


Motivation: The BioUML platform contains a number of analysis tools to process genomic data. The visualization of such data can be performed using genome browsers. Using external genome browsers is inconvenient as it requires exporting data from BioUML and importing it into genome browser. Thus the creation of internal BioUML genome browser was considered.

Results: BioUML genome browser was created. It allows easy visualization of user uploaded data, analyses results and predefined tracks. Interactive navigation, semantic zoom, feature annotation display and other capabilities were implemented. Large data volumes are also supported which is necessary for next generation sequencing analyses.

Availability: use “Demo” button for anonymous access.


Genome browser; Web-application; BioUML

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